6 Reasons Why VCs Suck

David Paul
1 min readSep 30, 2022

There is a ton of angst around venture capitalists from founders. You can see it all around twitter. Horror stories of capital providers slamming their fists on the table, firing founders, and ramming companies full of capital are bountiful the startup world. In essence you can identify the reasons why they suck in two buckets pre investment and post investment.

Pre Investment

  1. They don’t get back to you.
  2. They don’t put the work in to understand your business.
  3. They rely on others to make an investment decision for them.

Post Investment

  1. When they say they can help you recruit great talent that means they can introduce you to a recruiter.
  2. They give you anecdotal advice after receiving two hours of exposure from a board meeting.
  3. If you miss budgets they will walk away from funding future rounds, making your company un-investable from the majority of investors.

Am I missing anything?